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Breaking the silence about hostility towards women in male-dominated workplaces as a form of violence

At the ETUC conference ‘Safe at work, Safe at home’ in Madrid today #25N, Mila Nikolova from the Federation of Transport Trade Unions in Bulgaria @FTTUB describes hostility towards women in male-dominated transport workplaces as a hidden form of violence. One that needs to be recognised and identified.

Do your part this UN Day #25N and make a short video telling us what violence against women looks like in your country and transport sector.  Share it with @ITFwomen on social media! #ITFwomen #ILOConvention #VAW #BreakTheSilence #25N

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The ILO questionnaire is out; have your say!

ITUC campaign toolkit (2).pngA new international treaty is possible on violence at work – to support trade union campaign activity and collective bargaining efforts where you live and work.

The ILO questionnaire about the proposed convention on violence and harassment against women and men in the world of work has now been circulated to trade union national centres, governments, and employer bodies. The questionnaire can be found on the ITUC campaign page, or on page 109 of the law and practice report which offers legal analysis of law and practice in 80 countries. Remember, neither Global Union Federations (like the ITF) or individual trade unions are invited to complete the questionnaire. Responses are expected to come from trade union national centres (along with employer bodies and governments).

However, for trade unions, it’s important to read the questionnaire, know what is being asked and take information on women transport worker to your trade union national centre. It may be that you submit a version for your national centre to consider or that your work on the questionnaire together with them. It’s important for unions to build sustainable relationships with their national centres, investing in cooperation and alliance building to provide a unified response to the ILO. If you are unable to connect with your national centre directly, you can contact the ITUC who will assist.

The ITUC campaign toolkit (shown above) gives advice on how to engage with employer bodies and governments and provides model answers to assist trade union national centres in their responses to the ILO questionnaire.

The questionnaire will include questions concerning:
• what form a possible new instrument(s) should take;
• the scope of the new instrument(s), i.e., what such instrument(s) should cover;
• whether the instrument(s) should specifically address the gender dimensions of violence in the world of work; and
• how wide the definition of the world of work should be

The questionnaire responses will form the basis of the background report for the ILC discussion next year. In the mean time it’s important that ITF affiliated trade unions continue their campaigns and lobby national centres and governments with evidence of gender-based violence in the transport sector and show the impact on workers, particularly women.

ITF lobbying guidance can be found at our ITF Take Action Toolkit

ITF_Factsheet_ILO 10Things

ITF_Guidance_Lobby your NC

10 wichtige Infos_DE

Lobbyarbeit bei nationalen Dechverbänden_DE

10 coisas que precisa de saber_PT

Fazendo lobby a favor do seu centro nacional_PT

Not everyone agrees women transport workers need an ILO Convention on violence..

At this stage of the fight for the ILO Convention campaign, we have a real opportunity to provide evidence for the need of a strong and binding instrument which recognises women transport workers as high risk. In April 2017, the ILO will circulate a questionnaire to governments, employer organisations and trade union national centres to gather vital evidence which will affect what a potential instrument could look like.

There will be strong contributions sectors such as government, teaching and healthcare, where women work in numbers, so we need to ensure the voices of women transport workers are included in the response of the questionnaire. You can make sure this happens in your country or other countries where you have connections! Here is Chidi King, the Equality Director from the ITUC, talking about how sector specific unions should work with their national centres to prepare responses.

The ITUC will be supporting their affiliated national centres to complete the questionnaire by preparing guide answers and we will be sharing these guide responses with our networks when they become available.

Worker stories and employer policies will be helpful for governments and workers responding to the questionnaire – and crucial for the discussion itself. ITF Women are working across ITF sections and regions to support our affiliates to contribute to this important body of evidence.

Download our lobbying support pack (Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish can be found in the Take Action Toolkit under 02 Lobbying and collective bargaining).  English, German and Portuguese are below.

ITF_Factsheet_ILO 10Things

ITF_Guidance_Lobby your NC

10 wichtige Infos_DE

Lobbyarbeit bei nationalen Dachverbänden_DE

10 coisas que precisa de saber_PT

Fazendo lobby a favor do seu centro nacional_PT

For updates on our work, follow our blog and subscribe to our campaign newsletter. If you want to get involved in campaign action to win an ILO Convention, contact

The power of partnership

Ludo McFerran, from Australia, has worked in domestic violence prevention for nearly 40 years. She is a trailblazer in the field and a member of the DV@Work network. After 15 years of discussions with employers about policy and support for employees, and not much progress, Ludo decided to approach the trade union movement. In collaboration with the trade union movement, she initiated the concept of domestic violence paid leave and protection at work through collective bargaining. Today there are, in Australia, something like 1500 collective agreements that contain a domestic violence clause.

Listen to Ludo tell the story of how building an alliance between the domestic violence sector and the trade union movement changed everything and got results for Australian workers experiencing domestic violence.

Ludo made this video in November 2016 for participants attending the ETUC ‘Safe at home, safe at work’ conference in Madrid.  Many thanks to the ETUC for sharing.

Пакет «Инструментарий активиста» сегодня выходит в свет. Начните свою кампанию, чтобы покончить с насилием в отношении женщин-транспортников!

«Инструментарий активиста», который сегодня можно скачать – это структурированная подборка, где материалы сгруппированы по темам. Для вашей работы по Конвенции МОТ там можно найти наиболее подходящие темы, такие как «Личные и коллективные мнения женщин», «Лоббирование и коллективные переговоры» и «Ведение кампаний и создание альянсов».

На текущем этапе кампания в поддержку Конвенции МОТ собирает свидетельства того, как проявляется насилие в отношении женщин-транспортников в разных регионах мира.  Крайне важно, чтобы активисты и лидеры приносили доказательства сюжетов и тенденций насилия в своих странах и секторах и выкладывали короткие видеосюжеты в Фейсбуке и Твиттере.  Наши странички есть в Фейсбуке (ITF Women) и в Твиттере Twitter@ITF_Women. Не забывайте про хэштеги  #ITFwomen #ILOConvention #VAW

Мы надеемся, что эти материалы принесут пользу и станут мощным средством поддержки в организационной работе, ведении переговоров и проведении кампаний.  Мы будем рады получить ваши разработки для пополнения пакета материалов и повышения активности других профсоюзов.  Мы будем также рады получить ваши отзывы на наши Методические материалы. Присылайте ваши материалы и отзывы на любом языке по адресу: и укажите хэштеги, которые будут хорошо работать по каждой из тем.

La Boîte à outils « Passez à l’action » est désormais disponible. Démarrez votre campagne ! Il est temps de mettre fin à la violence à l’égard des travailleuses des transports !

La Boîte à outils « Passez à l’action », que vous pouvez télécharger dès aujourd’hui, est un cadre de ressources dans lequel nous avons regroupé des supports pertinents par thème. Certains thèmes pourraient présenter un intérêt particulier dans le cadre des activités que vous entreprendrez pour militer en faveur d’une convention de l’OIT : « Les voix des femmes : individuelles et collectives », « Lobbying et négociation collective » et « Faire campagne et forger des alliances ».

Continue reading “La Boîte à outils « Passez à l’action » est désormais disponible. Démarrez votre campagne ! Il est temps de mettre fin à la violence à l’égard des travailleuses des transports !”

سوف تظهر حزمة العمل هذه للعلن مباشرة في هذا اليوم. ابدأوا العمل في حملتكم وأنهوا العنف ضد النساء العاملات بالنقل!

هذه المرحلة من الحملة للتوصل إلى اتفاقية ILO تتمحور حول بناء الأدلة  حول شكل العنف على النساء العاملات بالنقل حول العالم. من المهم جداً أن يقوم النشطاء والقادة بتوفير أدلة للأفكار والنزعات للعنف في بلدانهم وقطاعاتهم عن طريق تمرير فيديو قصير على فيسبوك أو تويتر. نتواجد على فيسبوك على (ITF Women) وعلى تويتر @ITF_Women. تذكروا استخدام #ITFWomen #ILOconvention #VAW

نأمل أن تكون هذه الحزمة أداة قوية ومفيدة لدعم التنظيم، المفاوضات وعمل الحملات. ونرحب بالمواد من طرفكم لبناء حزمة عمل أكثر شمولا وإلهاما ودعما للنقابات الأخرى من أجل اتخاذ المزيد من الإجراءات. نحن متشوقون لسماع ردودكم حول هذه الحزمة. أرسلوا مساهماتكم وتعليقاتكم وبأي لغة إلى   مع إضافة أي هاشتاغات تعتقدون أنها مناسبة لكل فكرة.

Hoy es el día del lanzamiento del kit Pasar a la Acción. ¡Denle un buen impulso a su campaña y pongamos fin a la violencia contra las mujeres trabajadoras del transporte!

Desde hoy ya está disponible para su descarga el kit Pasar a la Acción, un armazón de recursos en el que se agrupan por temas materiales relevantes. Aquí encontrarán temas que pueden ser especialmente relevantes con miras a la Convención de la OIT, como por ejemplo “La voz de las mujeres: individuales y colectivas”, “Presión y negociación colectiva” y “Organización de campañas y formación de alianzas”.

Continue reading “Hoy es el día del lanzamiento del kit Pasar a la Acción. ¡Denle un buen impulso a su campaña y pongamos fin a la violencia contra las mujeres trabajadoras del transporte!”

The Take Action Toolkit goes live today. Kick-start your campaign action and end violence against women transport workers!

The Take Action Toolkit, available to download today, is a framework of resources where relevant materials are grouped together by theme. For your work towards the ILO Convention you may find certain themes especially relevant; such as ‘Women’s voices – individual and collective’, ‘Lobbying and collective bargaining’ and ‘Campaigning and building alliances’.

This current stage of the ILO Convention campaign is about building the evidence of what violence looks like for women transport workers around the world.  It’s vital that activists and leaders provide evidence of themes and trends of violence in their country and sector by posting a short video on Facebook and Twitter.  We’re on Facebook (ITF Women) and Twitter @ITF_Women. Remember to use #ITFwomen #ILOConvention #VAW

We hope this toolkit will be a useful and powerful tool to support organising, bargaining and campaigning work.  We welcome your materials to build a more comprehensive toolkit and inspire and support other unions to take more action.  We’re eager for feedback on the Take Action Toolkit too. Send your contributions and comments, in any language, to including hashtags you feel work well for each theme.

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