Argentina IWD

Another win! Shared with us on International Women’s Day 2016.

The Centro de Capitanes de Ultramar y Oficiales de la Marina Mercante (CCUOMM), Argentina, have accomplished much for women workers:

A CBA which guarantees equal pay and protects labour rights; it guarantees women captains and officers the right to disembark in the event of pregnancy, special 165 day maternity leave (employment law stipulates 90 days) with 20% more pay than on board ship, special 45-day breastfeeding leave with 20% more pay than on board ship and 45 day leave in the event of miscarriage

Forming a women’s committee within the union helped recruitment and encouraged a focus on improving working conditions for women. Male union leaders helped push for positive discrimination at a time to encourage women into leadership positions. Therefore companies discriminating against women were offered no choice.

Today the Labour Affairs Secretary of the union is female, and an increasing number of women are in decision-making posts.