We know there is some really good work out there!

During the forum we will be hearing some ITF family campaign success stories to showcase achievements on violence against women transport workers and to show what unions can do.  For now, here are wins our affiliates shared with us this International Women’s Day 2016.

Uttariya Railway Mazdoor Union URMU-India  shared their successes in relation to a number of important issues.  The transfer and posting of women employees, for example. An increased number of crèches and rest rooms.  Guaranteed safe transportation home for women employees who work  unsociable hours. The sexual harassment complaints procedure updated and brought into line with the 2013 Act. CCTV installed within work places with women employees and also in the ladies compartments of fifty EMU rail cars and on fifty mainline trains.

With all these successes the fight still continues to encourage dedicated women leaders to work towards the development and advancement of women workers.