Discussion during the first session of the forum looked at what workplace violence includes.(see photo of flip chart).

The ILO (2003) definition of violence at work:

“Violence at work can be defined as incidents where employees are abused, threatened, assaulted or subject to other offensive behaviour in circumstances related to their work. Violence includes both physical and non-physical violence. It finds its expression in physical assault, homicide, verbal abuse, bullying/mobbing, sexual and racial harassment, threats and mental stress.”

Workplace violence can include any or all of the following:

Physical attacks, biting, punching spitting, scratching, squeezing, pinching, harassment including sexual and racial, bullying, mobbing, victimizing, intimidating, threats, ostracism, leaving offensive messages, aggressive posturing, rude gestures, interfering with work tools and equipment, hostile behaviour, swearing, shouting, name-calling, innuendo, deliberate silence, homicide, rape, robbery, wounding, battering. (ILO 1998)