Our sisters in the Netherlands, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Indonesia, Algeria and Tunisia all mentioned the importance of sharing what they had learned at the forum and pledged to take information back home to their unions. Our blog statistics from yesterday prove that THIS IS HAPPENING!

Our sisters in Libya, Nepal, India and South Africa would like support from the ITF to begin the process of implementing a women’s advocacy programme within their own union – Read our Women’s Advocacy Factsheet to find out more.

Our sisters in Sweden, South Africa and Bulgaria pledged to lobby their governments over the ILO convention – Read 9 Things You and Your Union can do to help the fight for the proposed ILO convention on violence against women and men in the world of work.

Our sisters in Libya and Tunisia are focusing on campaigning. Libya will campaign through legislation and the constitution.

Our sisters in Sweden, Spain, Jordon and Tunisia are making recommendations or are in the process of conducting research and collecting data on violence against women.

Our sisters in Venezuela and Jordan are focusing on building alliances. They wish to put together a women’s committee within their union and coordinate with women’s civil organisations.

Our sisters in Palestine are looking to deliver a violence against women workshop using ITF forum materials. They also wish to pioneer a sexual harassment hotline to break the silence and encourage women to report.

All forum participants agreed to share their own education materials on violence against women. Sisters, send us what you have to women@itf.org.uk. Keep checking the resources area for new materials.