“Domestic violence is not a women’s issue.  It is a men’s issue.  Women are the victims, men are the perpetrators.” – Mike Doleman, Maritime Union of Australia.

Words spoken at the Australian Council of Trade Unions’ (ACTU) triennial congress in May 2015.

His words make an impact.  Not because we believe that all men are perpetrators but because men make up the large majority of the transport workforce and must become part of the solution to ending violence against women transport workers. It’s powerful to hear these words and see a man willing to rally male comrades to stand together to campaign about male violence against women.

The article particularly welcomes that for the ACTU, this action did not stand alone. In 2015 the ACTU was also campaigning to demand family-violence leave, fighting government attacks on paid parental leave and improving the representation rate of women in union leadership positions.