The women in this photo are the workers group, gathered in Geneva yesterday at the ILO tripartite meeting of experts (TME). Experts and observers representing the ITUC, a number of GUFs, national centres, and social partners.

Following two days of debate over the discussion points, the experts were presented with a set of draft conclusions by the ILO office. The next two days of the meeting involved working through these draft conclusions to reach agreed conclusions by consensus rather than majority.

With 26 draft conclusions to get through, the workers group worked long and hard to ensure the voices and needs of workers are considered and included in these parameters. These agreed conclusions are not the end result by all means, but they will set the foundation and language for a convention on violence against women and men in the world of work, therefore having a huge impact on what the convention will really mean for workers in their workplaces.

The workers group spent this week ensuring a number of priority areas for further discussion were fully recognised throughout the rest of the work leading to the convention in 2018/19. For example, effects of domestic violence in the workplace and high risk groups of workers such as women transport workers.

We will be sharing the outcomes of this meeting in more detail next week but for now we highlight the importance of the next few months, before March 2017, to stand together and raise this issue. We want a convention and a world of work free from violence and harassment. Use our template and share what an ILO convention on violence against women and men in the world of work would mean to you. To ensure the strongest possible outcomes for this convention it’s vital to lobby governments and national centres.  This areas of focus worksheet can help you make a start! For more support with lobbying contact