In last week’s post we highlighted the importance of the next few months in raising the issue of violence against women transport workers and the need for an Convention and recommendation on violence against women in the world of work.

The agreed conclusions and report of the ILO tripartite meeting of experts (the TME which took place in Geneva last week) will go to the ILO Governing Body in November before being circulated more widely. The conclusions and report will form a sound basis for the ILO Office to produce the Law and Practice report, as well as the questionnaire that will go to governments, trade union national centres and employers’ organisations.

This questionnaire will be a golden opportunity to get the voices of women transport workers on the table. The questionnaire is expected to be circulated in April 2017. It will be very important for as many ITF affiliated unions as possible to work with their trade union national centre on the questionnaire, so please make contact indicating your willingness to be involved!! The ITUC will issue guide responses to the questionnaire for trade union national centres and global union federations. We expect one of the key questions to be on the form that the instrument should take – i.e. a Convention, supplemented by a Recommendation; a Convention (without Recommendation); or a stand-alone Recommendation. We are all campaigning for a Convention, supplemented by a Recommendation and it is important that we start lobbying governments to support this NOW.

The ITUC and ITF will soon circulate more news on this campaign, which will include tools you can use for lobbying governments, as well as case studies and good practice examples on organising around violence against women in the world of work. We’ll post a link on these valuable materials as soon as they are released. Women transport workers whose working lives are shaped by violence are counting on you!