It’s official, the agreed conclusions and report of the ILO tripartite meeting of experts (TME), where ITF representatives played an integral role, are out for circulation and available on the ILO website in English, French and Spanish.

These conclusions are not a Convention but they do set the parameters for what the first draft of the proposed international standard(s)will look like.
Text of particular interest to women transport workers covers:
• Recognition that an integrated approach is needed incorporating joint strategies and collaboration between employers, workers, trade unions and governments
• The need for a particular focus to be placed on gender-based violence.
• Recognition that domestic violence impacts the workplace and that employers have a responsibility to provide safe and healthy workplaces.
• The need for a new instrument(s) focused specifically on violence at work and the urgency of preventing violence through an integrated approach.
• That violence should not be seen ‘as part of the job’, as is too often the case for transport workers.
• Prevention and support are key components to addressing violence and that prevention should address negative societal and workplace culture.

An amendment has been made to the title of the proposed standard(s) to include the word ‘harassment’, with the reasoning that “using the overarching concept of ‘violence and harassment’ in lieu of only ‘violence’ ensures that the range of unacceptable behaviour being targeted is adequately addressed and understood.” (Final report of TME outcomes, page 2)

As for the 2018 International Labour Conference, we now know ‘violence and harassment against women and men in the world of work’ will be the only standard setting item on the agenda and likely to be the most well attended! Looking forward, let’s do everything we can to prepare for the challenge of defending and improving the language of a new ILO convention and recommendation at the conference!