ITUC campaign toolkit (2).pngA new international treaty is possible on violence at work – to support trade union campaign activity and collective bargaining efforts where you live and work.

The ILO questionnaire about the proposed convention on violence and harassment against women and men in the world of work has now been circulated to trade union national centres, governments, and employer bodies. The questionnaire can be found on the ITUC campaign page, or on page 109 of the law and practice report which offers legal analysis of law and practice in 80 countries. Remember, neither Global Union Federations (like the ITF) or individual trade unions are invited to complete the questionnaire. Responses are expected to come from trade union national centres (along with employer bodies and governments).

However, for trade unions, it’s important to read the questionnaire, know what is being asked and take information on women transport worker to your trade union national centre. It may be that you submit a version for your national centre to consider or that your work on the questionnaire together with them. It’s important for unions to build sustainable relationships with their national centres, investing in cooperation and alliance building to provide a unified response to the ILO. If you are unable to connect with your national centre directly, you can contact the ITUC who will assist.

The ITUC campaign toolkit (shown above) gives advice on how to engage with employer bodies and governments and provides model answers to assist trade union national centres in their responses to the ILO questionnaire.

The questionnaire will include questions concerning:
• what form a possible new instrument(s) should take;
• the scope of the new instrument(s), i.e., what such instrument(s) should cover;
• whether the instrument(s) should specifically address the gender dimensions of violence in the world of work; and
• how wide the definition of the world of work should be

The questionnaire responses will form the basis of the background report for the ILC discussion next year. In the mean time it’s important that ITF affiliated trade unions continue their campaigns and lobby national centres and governments with evidence of gender-based violence in the transport sector and show the impact on workers, particularly women.

ITF lobbying guidance can be found at our ITF Take Action Toolkit

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